Bariatric Program Partnerships and Group Meetings

Our team offers bariatric counseling and pre-surgery required clearances for clients considering weight-loss surgery. Emerald Isle Counseling partners with bariatric surgeons to not only assist the client in completing all preoperative requirements but to aid in best possible outcomes. Whether you are a patient or a provider we are proud to aid during this journey.


Journey For Life Group Meetings

This group began in October of 2017 at the request of Dr. Tsai and the medical staff and are facilitated (since inception) by Emerald Isle Counseling Clinical Director, Allyn D. Robb Jr. Each month important topics are covered, guest speakers present and group members share their experiences as their strength, hope and wisdom are integral to the long term success for all. Contact us today to learn more or to register for an upcoming meeting.

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Meeting Schedule

Southeast Georgia Health System Brunswick Campus location:

Held 1st and 3rd Monday nights of each month at 6 pm in Kemble Education Center 

Southeast Georgia Health System Kingsland Campus location:

Held the 3rd Wednesday night of each month 6 pm Conference Room B.


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“Our Very Own Bariatric Support Group”


About Dr Tsai

J. William Tsai, M.D., FACS, is a board-certified surgeon with Southeast Georgia Physician Associates-General & Vascular Surgery, began offering bariatric surgery on the Health System’s Brunswick Campus in 2016. He now offers outpatient services at the Camden Campus as well. 



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